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Genetic Clinical Laboratory Service

Being a lab of certified LA,

U2Bio is differentiated and verified with quality testing(QCMD, INSTAND, etc.) and by offering valuable data for medical institutions through accurate diagnoses of clients.

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Life Science Reagent & Kits

Stat of art Molecular Biology Products

- DNA/RNA Purification

- DNA/RNA Amplification

- Yeast Genome-wide Library

- Enzymes, Ladders & Markers

- Buffers & Chemicals

U2 Digital Hospital IT Solution

- U2 Mobile app. & SQMS

Customized mobile application that contains hospital information and provide various services, waiting status, etc.

- U2 LIS (Laboratory Information System)

- U2 Check_Smart

- U2 GateWay

- U2 CarePlan


Molecular Biology Service

- DNA/RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis

- Gene Synthesis

- DNA Sequencing by Sanger method

- BTSeq, NGS based (Barcode-Tagged seq.)

- Cloning Services

- Mitochondrial Genomic Sequencing

- Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Genotyping

- Microbial Identification Service

- mtDNA sequencing (Long-range PCR-based)


- Automate Cell Counter

- Tissue Clearing System

- Digital Imaging System

- Reusable Counting Slide

- Thermal cycler (PCR)

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